Institut Ruder Bošković


The GEOSET facility in Croatia, directed by Danko, hosts a range of videos from astrophysics to renewable energy. This is a fantastic resource that we are privileged to highlight.

Kroto Research Institute - University of Sheffield

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At the Kroto Research Institute, environmental and engineering topics are featured that help to give us a better understanding of the mechanisms in the world around us.

Lindau Nobel Laureates Meetings

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The Nobel Laureates Meetings are science based conferences that facilitate the interaction of invited students with a group of Nobel Laureates. The talks are recorded and distributed through their website. GEOSET has an agreement to show some of the videos from previous Meetings.

Polytechnic University of Valencia

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A strategic partnership was established with the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain to help develop a rich media recording platform produce educational content.

Royal Society of Chemistry

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The Royal Society of Chemistry is an academic association with a Royal Charter, geared towards "advancing the chemical sciences". The Society engages in many outreach activities with schools and universities and has produced many videos, some of which GEOSET are highlighting.



GEOSET is an associate partner of Spinograph, who are developing a platform for STEM education through training on the academic and technical aspects of STEM.

The King's School - Canterbury

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"The King's School is a British co-educational independent school for both day and boarding pupils in the historic English city of Canterbury in Kent." Through a collaboration with the Young Scientists Journal, we have organized a competition for high schools to win a GEOSET Award and received many video contributions.

The Royal Society

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The Royal Society is a scientific advisor to the British Government and a fellowship of the worlds prominent scientists. The Royal Society is working with GEOSET to provide a resource of video presentations.

University of Brighton

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The University of Brighton presents a selection of videos from training on science equipment to interviews with scientists.

University of Sussex

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The University of Sussex GEOSET team are working on interviews with scientists, creating inspiring science videos and recording a science based news show.

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